Hi-Force Hydraulic Systems

Hi-Force is the premium, made in the UK, manufacturer, and supplier of hydraulic tools. Catering to a wide variety of industries, the product range comprises over 2,000 products including hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, tough-lift jacking systems, bolt tensioners, hydrotest pumps, puller kits, crimpers and cutters, nut splitters, flange spreaders, and other industry-related products.

Hi-Force also offers a complete range of services including short- and long-term tool rental, on-site lifting and jacking services, tool repair, maintenance and calibration, and a comprehensive range of training services.

Hi-Force products are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Steel & Aluminum Plants, Paper Mills, Sugar Refineries, Railways, Mining, Construction, Ship Building & Ship Repair, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Engineering and the many thousands of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors. Hi-Force hydraulic systems and tools continually satisfy the demands of the industry during construction, production, breakdown, and routine shutdown repair and maintenance. In addition to 2,000 standard products, the engineering and design team is also able to develop custom-designed hydraulic tools to meet the exacting and specific requirements of end-users.

FPT is proud to partner with Hi-Force, carrying local stock of rentals and for sale products. Our experts offer on-site consultations and services for your applications. Call today to find out more information!

SPX Power Team Hydraulics

SPX Power Team, specializing in the U.S.A., made high-pressure hydraulic technology. Through a broad range of leading-edge component parts, accessories, and tools, Power Team enables the creation and upkeep of concentrated force delivery solutions that can meet any application criteria. These cover lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, clamping, and spreading activities are what the Power Team is great for!

The Power Team portfolio features hydraulic pumps covering a wide variety of flow stage configurations and reservoir capacities, company yet powerful jack, cylinders (single and double action), and valves (load-lowering, shut-off, pressure-reducing, sequence, metering, etc.). In addition, the Power Team supplies nut splitters, in-line drives, spreads, bridge lifts, shop presses, and mobile floor cranes. Through this comprehensive portfolio, Power Team attends to the needs of construction, automotive assembly, mining, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and industrial processing section.

FPTS’s unique relationship with SPX allows us to support you locally with repairs, rentals, and local stock!

Why Should You Work with Florida Precision Tool?

Florida Precision Tool is your team of hydraulic systems and lifting experts. We supply on-site consultations, services, and assessments. FPT will work to get what you need – even if it has to be custom manufactured. FPT is able to offer:

  • Cylinders, Rams and Jacks (<5 Tons – 600+ Tons)
  • Fail-Safe Locking Cylinders
  • Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders
  • Hollow Cylinders
  • Pumps 10,000 – 40,600 PSI (Manual, Electric, Cordless, Gasoline)
  • Spreaders
  • Nut Splitters
  • Gauges
  • Manifolds
  • Hoses

And much more!

Contact your local lifting and hydraulic systems experts today to book a calibration!