Skidmore-Wilhelm Calibration, Rental, and Sales

For over 60 years, Skidmore-Wilhelm has provided testing equipment to fastener users around the world looking for answers to basic questions about torque and tension.

As a Skidmore distributor, FPT is able to op provide the best service around for these bolt testers. Skidmore has been the industry standard for bolt testing equipment for decades! FPT has made the investment to carry Skidmores locally for rental. Both Skidmore HS and Skidmore MZ series can be rented from us at a fraction of the cost to purchase.

If you need to purchase Skidmores or their accessories, contact us to find out what is available and how quickly we can get it to you! Whatever your Skidmore needs are, FPT is here to support them!

Skidmore-Wilhelm Calibration

FPT offers Skidmore-Wilhelm Calibrations on our calibrated and traceable load cell. Ask about our same-day or next-day expedited calibrations services! Whether your Skidmore needs testing or repair, we provide the means to do it all at our local shop! Call now to book a calibration!