Torque wrenches are among the most essential and expensive machines in your toolbox, and the routine inspection and calibration of these exacting instruments are vital in order to maintain their intended precision. Typically built to withstand several thousand uses, torque wrench depreciation has been known to increase in difficult situations, shortening its lifespan. We produce NIST traceable calibration certificates on state of the art transducers. Our technicians will adjust your wrenches to make sure that they are well within manufacturer specifications. Florida Precision Tool is here for torque wrench calibration in the Tampa Bay Area.

Florida Precision Tool Torque Wrench Calibration in Tampa, Florida

At Florida Precision Tool, our processes guide us through the evaluation, diagnosis, calibration, and repair of your instruments. After which, we will work alongside you, step by step, to establish the proper calibration schedule for each of your tools in order to keep them in optimal condition. Florida Precision Tool can provide the consistent testing and scheduled wrench calibration that are key for the accurate measurement of strain and tension rates of exacting fasteners, as well as preventing your wrench from failing at the weaker joint connections.

Whether your business relies on pneumatic, hydraulic, digital, or a combination of all torque wrench variants in order to service your customers, Florida Precision Tool is here to aid in offsetting the natural wear and tear of your tools with our industry-leading tool repair services, while also providing the best place for torque wrench calibration in Tampa.

Other Tool Services Offered by Florida Precision Tool

In addition to torque wrench calibration in Tampa, Florida Precision Tool also offers a variety of other precision tool services, tool repair services, and tool training. Our mission is to remain inherently and resolutely focused on returning your tools to optimal working condition, thus enhancing your operational efficiency, and ultimately helping you grow your business. We ask that you place unreserved trust in our team. Our reputation for being the go-to place for torque wrench calibration in Tampa was built upon maintaining and improving the stature of our clientele, which is why we don’t simply stop at the repair of your tools, we also offer a variety of fully customized calibrations suited to your specific requirements.

Our cutting edge, state-of-the-art facility includes a modern calibration lab — complete with NIST traceable equipment — that allows our skilled technicians to facilitate the repair, calibration, and maintenance of torque wrench brands ranging from Snap-On to CDI and Norbar. As part of our program to provide unparalleled torque wrench calibration in Tampa, we can also accommodate sizes from 13in. lbs. to 20,000 ft.-lb., as well as both manual and automatic torque wrenches. No job is too large or small for our team of experts at Florida Precision Tool and our torque wrench calibration in Tampa.

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