Wrench calibration is essential for the proper use of your most important tools. Calibration is necessary to keep them functioning as intended. Routine calibration combined with consistent testing is necessary for your tools to support essential processes. Torque wrench calibration guarantees the accurate measurement of torque for tightening fasteners with the perfect level of tension.

Torque wrench calibration also prevents failures at joint connections. Florida Precision Tool can help your team enjoy tools that function as designed for maximum on-the-job efficiency.

Torque Wrench Calibration

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and digital torque wrench calibration is essential for continued use.

We have a calibration lab with state-of-the-art NIST traceable equipment. Our equipment can handle nearly any wrench from 13 inLb to 20,000 FtLb. Whether you have a unique model of make of hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual torque wrench – our team will get the job done.

We work with all types of wrenches from Snap-On and CDI to Norbar and beyond. We have a wide-ranging flexibility for torque service. Our proven calibration methods produce consistent results.

Returning Torque Wrench Tolerance

Torque wrenches are typically built to withstand several thousand cycles. However, when certain conditions and situations arise, the lifespan of the wrench can change. Our team is here to offset the wear and tear of your tools. We will evaluate them for efficiency and replace defective parts. We will establish the proper calibration schedule for each of your tools to keep them in top-notch condition.

If there is a need for re-calibration or if your tool is scheduled for service, place your trust in our team. We are steadfastly focused on returning your tools to working condition and improving your operational efficiency. We even go as far as providing fully customized calibrations suited to your requirements.

Reach out to our team at 727-373-4410 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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