Milwaukee Cordless Impacts

Milwaukee offers very impressive torque from cordless impact wrenches. These wrenches use the same M18 batteries that the rest of their tool line uses; offering up to 2,000 FTLB from the same battery that powers your home drill.

-M18 Fuel 1” Drive D-Handle Impact 2,000 FTLB

-M18 Fuel 1” Drive Pistol Grip Impact 1,800 FTLB

-M18 Fuel ¾” Drive Pistol Grip Impact 1,500 FTLB

-M18 Fuel ½” Drive Pistol Grip Impact 1,4000 FTLB

And many more options from ¼” and up!

FPT Support for Milwaukee Cordless Impacts

FPT is proud to offer the entire line of Milwaukee products. Ranging from Cordless tools to hard hast and safety equipment. Contact FPT today to find what you need to support your next project with everything from safety, lighting, to tooling, and more!

Milwaukee MX Fuel Series to Replace Gasoline Tools

The Milwaukee MX Fuel line launches in May 2020 to revolutionize cordless power. MX Fuel is an industrial and trade focused line of battery powered tools that are powerful enough to replace and outperform gasoline powered equipment.

-The MX Fuel 14” Cut-off saw cuts into concrete and #5 rebar with no issues

-The MX Fuel Breaker does 2 tons per charge with the lightest weight in the industry.

-The MX Fuel handheld core driller cuts 6” holes in reinforced concrete

-The MX Fuel Carry-On Power Supply is a 3600W/1800W Power Supply to replace gasoline generations anywhere

The MX Fuel line has even more to offer – take the first step in getting rid of gasoline headaches and noise today by calling FPT at (727) 734-8589 to book a calibration.